jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

ghee - The Sixties!

Oh my God!
I do really love this set
Had so much fun wearing it, making combinatios, imaging dozens more...

Twiggy Crochet Mini Dress
Twiggy flats
Edie Handbag

Very 60s and evoking the famous model Twiggy, it is the perfect pic of that amazing time
Flats SLink shoes plus Handbag

All of them with texture changing HUD!!
Can you imaging how many combinations can you have?

Vinyl Slicker Cap
Vinyl Hot Pants
Vinyl GoGo boots
60s mod Marshmallow Thermal set
Edie Handbag

Cap, shorts and boots have also texture changing HUD!

There are also a wide variety of Thermal set colors
I chose marshmallow to highlight boots, shorts and handbag

Vinyl Slicker Cap
Vinyl Mini Skirt
Vinyl GoGo boots
Lemon Tights
60s mod Licorice Thermal Top

Vinyl Slicker Cap
Vinyl Coat

Vinyl Mini Skirt
60s mod Licorice Thermal set

Vinyl Coat
Vinyl Mini Skirt
60s mod Licorice Thermal set
Vinyl GoGo Boots

You see?? Tons of combinations, leave your imagination fly

Run to ghee's mainstore and grab them all!!

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