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ghee - Autumn Leaves Hunt

And here we are in the last post of this amazing serie
Autumn is for a lot of us, our favorite season and ghee has know how to dress it

Let's see some examples...

Dress Conker
Docs Boots Conker

10 different art dresses are available

Coat Oatmeal
Conker Thermal (Sweater)
Docs Boots Oatmeal

There are 10 sets of thermals setas (turtleneck & leggings) and 10 tights with slink appliers available in coordinating colors (palette below)

Coat Conker
Oatmeal Tights
Oatmeal Ribbed Knit Cowl
Docs Boots Conker

 Autumn Leaves Collection of 27 co-ordinating pieces that you can layer and mix and match in a myriad of ways all in a delicious seasonal palette of pumpkin, oatmeal and conker, with an original print we've called GoldLeaf

Oatmeal Thermal
Conker Skirt

Pumpkin Skirt
Goldleaf Tights
Conker Thermals
Docs Boots pumpkin

ghee have made the Autumn Leaves Collection into a hunt!
All 27 items in the collection are hidden around the ghee sim, priced only 10L each! 
All you have to do is look for the golden leaves that are hidden around the ghee sim.

For hints, go to the ghee blog:

Grab them all and have fun!!

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