domingo, 27 de octubre de 2019

Black Widow

Someone's been dropping pumpkins at Ghee!
Some of them contain treats, and some contain "tricks"
This is a hunt with a difference. The pumpkins are in plain sight, and there are no hints.
You just need to take a good look around the Ghee main store
and park to find the ones with the prizes
And you won't know exactly what you're getting 'till you buy! 

The brighter colored pumpkins are from Ghee,
8 pumpkins contain parts of the stunning new exclusive outfit created for Halloween 2019
and will be available ONLY in this hunt!

Ghee Black Widow

Ghee Black Widow Cape
Solid or Sheer
Ghee Black Widow Cobweb Dress
Colour changes by its own
Ghee Black Widow Gloves
Ghee Black Widow Mask

Ghee Black Widow Pasties&Thong OMEGA HUD
Ghee Black Widow Sandals
Ghee Black Widow Stockings 
Ghee Black Widow Wearable Mist

Find out more on the Ghee Blog

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