viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

Ghee - Sadie Thigh Boots

Spectacular boots at GHEE!

"Sadie" is a super sexy pair of thigh high, suede platform boots
with hip-hugging jeans or tight leather pants included

Sadie Thigh Boots Jeans Edition

"Sadie" can be casual or dressy
Every woman should have a pair of boots as stylish and versatile as these!

Sadie Thigh Boots Leather Pants Edition

A "boots only" option is also included with each edition
So you can wear these with shorts, skirts or dresses too!
They'd probably be a hit with lingerie as well if the mood takes you!

They included a texture-change HUD that features 12 shades for the boots
and 6 for the jeans or pants, enabling you to have beautiful options
Poses by Glitter Poses

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