martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

Ghee for The Instruments

For the next edition of The Instruments, Ghee brings lovely news...

Vintage Silk Poppy Sheath Dress & Scarf

a sexy silk sheath dresses with sheer matching scarves (4 textures)

Vintage Silk Poppy Dress

just lovely colors and textures

it comes in 4 textures to combine with elegant Silk Pumps

and do not forget to grab Ghee's gift, a lovely purse!

Already available at The Instruments
Hairs by no.match_ ~ NO_SILENCE and Tukinowaguma Cinzia
Earrings: Lazuri Blume All In One
Bracelets by Alge
Makeup by Alge's Designs
Poses by Glitter Poses

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