sábado, 8 de junio de 2019

Vintage Cilla (II)

Ghee brings a fabulous new capsule collection inspired by the swinging sixties
Setting the tone for modern style, the sixties revolutionised womens fashion with bold colours, striking cuts and a rebelliously youthful attitude
Ghee has captured the spirit of the age with this selection of colourful clothing and accessories perfect for any mod girl about town!

This is the chapter two of three...

Ghee Cilla Shorts Set
(Shorts + Top)
They come in 6 colours
Freya, HourGlass, Lara and Physique mest bodies
Ghee Sixties Shades wHUD
8 lens colours by HUD
Unrriged mesh with resizer
Frames pattenerned and Plain options

Ghee Alice T-Bar Shoes
They come in 14 colours to combine

Ghee SS16 Chunky bracelet

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