lunes, 18 de febrero de 2019


Let me show you a bunch of goodies available at eBento the Event
in a new edition full of changes

RipRock - Fishnet Lace Mini Dress
10 colours for Maitreya mesh body only

[session] Jennifer Tone05
Applier for Genus and Maitreya (both included)
Genus with or without eyebrows
Maitreya shaved, Trimmed, Triangle and no nipples
Shape, Brow shape and Grey natural eyes included
(all of above is showed without modifications)

Normal and RLV versions
4 colours and 6 metals
Resize by HUD

Blow-Up - Comic Balloon!
Talk and Think options
Write, Font, Color, Resize and Access by HUD

E.V.E - Scorpion Bracelets BLACK
100% original mesh design
Materials Enabled
Arms and Ankles Bracelets / Rigged: Maitreya

no.match_ ~ NO_MANHATTAN
Kaithleen's Universal Panties

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