domingo, 13 de mayo de 2018


May is running and new rounds at SWANK and eBento the Event are open...

One of the stars at eBento the Event is the new AK head...
[AK Deluxe] - Luna Bento Head

with all needed to start with a nice head or to add to your collection
no need to buy skin appliers, it has 10 tones for head and appliers for Belleza,
Maitreya and OMEGA compatible
also with a nice bunch of eyes, gestures, piercing and teeth braces... 
HUDs for master head (cosmetic, HD layers...), teeth (basic, human anathomy or monster/vampire... also modifies brace textures),
 animations (controlling eyes, 18 expressions, 12 full face animations)...
and a full folder for developers!
It is a very interesting bento mesh head that deserves a try!
What about [HJ] Summertime Set for SWANK?
Earrings + Choker + Bracelet + rings (not bento hands)
I do really love this set!
Kokoro Poses - Ana also at eBento the Event

a nice surprise to see Possesion at eBento the Event with great poses
This one is called "*PosESioN* Bento Dance 1 Couple Pose"

*PosESioN* Satisfaction Bento Couple Pose

TuTy's duo pose

also are exclusives for eBento the Event:

Sintiklia. - Bento Hair Jasmine
Base Bento and Unrigged
With windy and not windy bangs
4 styles by HUD
*elise* - Sofia feet jewelry
works only with MAITREYA Mesh Body
8 roses colours plus 7 pearls textures and 4 metals by HUD

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