jueves, 24 de mayo de 2018


Amazing set of poses from CNZ,
an exclusive for eBento the Event

*CNZ* Run Couple Pose - Bento
with helmet and rezzeable bike

*CNZ* Biker Pose - Bento
with helmet + wearable bike and pose for male & female

*CNZ* Model Moto Poses - Bento
rezzeable moto w/wo shadow and 5 poses

*CNZ* Wearable Chair w Bento Sit
Just a chair with pose, wear/add it and enjoy!
*barberyumyum*S04(mix) hair
(Yummy) Punk Collar
TETRA - Off-shoulder leather jacket
Casadel "Fox" Shorts
[Gos] Monza Belted Boots

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